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turtle earrings

Misquadechi, the Turtle:
This turtle design is inspired by the turtle petroglyph from the Petroglyph Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.
The Turtle is a very important animal for many Native People, it is a symbol for patience, longevity and fertility (symbolizes by the eggs). The Turtle is also Mother Earth

Info: sterling silver drop with cut-out turtle and eggs, engraved around the turtle and the eggs.

Earrings:app. 16mm x 21mm (app. 5/8”x 13/16”) with surgical steel French wire ear hooks (sterling silver French wire ear hooks available on request)
Price: C$ 60

Pendant:(not shown)app. 18mm x 25mm (app. 45/64” x 1”) with free silver plated chain (choose between 16”, 18” or 24” length)
Price: C$ 50

Set: earrings and pendant
Price: C$ 100


owl pin brooch

Ukpik, the Owl :
The Owl is for many Native People the messenger of healing.Owls see at night and often the healing mesages are delivered through dreams.

Info:the owl is created out of textured copper with sterling silver eyes, inlayed with Amber, and sterling silver wing. The moon and the tree is made out of brass.

Pin: app. 60mm x 35mm
(app.2 25/64”x 1 3/16”)
Price: C$ 130


butterfly pin brooch pendant necklace

Lit-Lit, the Butterfly,
symbolizes magic, beauty and love. Understanding where you are in the cycle of life and using it to the fullest.

Info: sterling silver with brass and copper and stampings.

Pin: app. 50mm x 40mm
(app. 2 ”x 1 5/8 ”)
Price: C$ 130
lynx pin pendant

Mitchipitzeu, the Horned Lynx:
This design is inspired by the pictograph (painted in red ocre) at Agawa Rock at Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.

Info: sterling silver on oxidized red brass with stampings.

Pin: app. 50mm x 40mm
(app. 2 ”x 1 5/8”)
Price: C$ 110

horse pin pendant necklace uffington

Uffington Horse:
from southern England, size 110 m long and 40 m high. created app.3000 years ago. This is a geoglyph = removing of turf and exposing the white chalk underneath.

Info: sterling silver oval disc with cut-out horse soldered onto brass disc.

Pin: app. 36mm x 46mm
(app. 1 7/16”x 1 13/16 ”)
Price: C$ 110

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