Medicine Pouches and other shamanistic pieces
Mi-Shell works as a shaman / healer in the community and also creates Medicine Pouches, Prayer feathers, Smudging baskets, Rattles, Shields and Staffs out of recycled fur and leather bone, wood and other natural materials. Most of these one of a kind items go directly into museums, galleries or into the hands of collectors.
On a show Bearpaw Jewellery may have between 3 and 10 of these pieces on display, depending on the season.
Pieces range between $ 60.00 and $1000.00

All Shamanic Pieces are coming with a detailed double paged description. Please e-mail
Mi-Shell for more information.

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spirit journal, medicine

Spirit Journal

Size: size will fit regular ring-binder, app.30cm x 30cm
(app. 1' x 1')

Info: recycled beaver + mink fur
(other furs available), moose leather, birchbark, Medewewin Medicine Society Songscroll Mnemonics, beads, feathers

beaver medicine pouch turtle beaver fur

Black Beaver Turtle Pouch

Size: 30cm (app.1')+ feather

Info: recycled black beaver fur, deer leather, bone carving of turtle, bone, wood and pottery beads, feathers


cave art pouch medicine pouch healing

Cave Art Pouch

Size: 16cm x 26cm + feathers

Info: green and beige recycled leather, bone carving of buffalo spirit, petroglyph drawings from Lascaux,France and other sites and found wild bird feathers.



beaver fox pouch medicine pouch

Beaver Fur and Arctic Fox Fur Pouch

Size: 16cm x 17cm + feathers

Info: in honour of Amik, the beaver and Wagish, the Fox. Bone carving of Mother Earth, the Turtle with turquoise; recycled Beaver and Arctic Fox fur and found wild bird feathers.



smudging basket healing medicine

Smudging Basket

Size: 15cm x 12cm (app.6"x5")

Info: woven sweet grass, deer leather, wolfs fur, beaver fur, bone carving, handmade beads, contains: smudging supplies


smudging healing feather

Wild Turkey Prayer Feather

Size: 45cm (app.1'6")

Info: wild turkey feather, deer leather adorned with Gitchi Manitou = Great Spirit, and Mother Earth, the Turtle, stand and shell not included


shield coyote healing shamanic medicine

Coyote Shield

Size: 40cm (app.1'4")+ feathers

Info: deer leather frame, coyote head pelt, individual petroglyph drawings, handmade bone, wood and pottery beads, feathers


We bought a smudge pouch from you at the Artisan festive in Newmarket this weekend and were so impressed by the kindness you showed and the prayers you put forth to my wife's brother who has been battling cancer. We cannot express how deeply we were moved.
~Karen and Jim B.
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