Medicine Animals/ Spirit Guides: Introduction

I often get asked by my students - or when I give teaching circles somewhere how a person can connect with / find their Medicine Animal/ Guardian or if I would "give" them one.

There are apparently some "teachers" that do that for a few bucks a pop....??
However; traditionally that is what would be VERY WRONG.
Someone who does that is usually called "all washed up" by First Nations of any kind.
So.... to get everyone here thinking and looking in the right corners, I invite you to look at and answer these questions for yourself:

What Critters are appearing in your dreams!???
1) not only once or twice
2) repeatedly!!!
3) what are they doooooing????? saying????
4) Where is your dream diary???? (more about that later in another thread....)
5) is there maybe not an animal, but a tree or a.....?? that shows up regularly?
6) what is your favorite animal??????
7) what critter did you see in Nature repeatedly?
These may offer themselves up as Gate Keepers--= not Guardians or Power Animals... but the ones that open the path for you , to sensitize you.
Gate Keepers:
the critters / entities that lead us towards our Medicine Animals / Guardians :
Now some of us may meet our Medicine Animals easy and right away. Good!
Some may think that that happened but / and never realize that it is a Gate Keeper and BEHIND it there is our real Guardian.

Guardians/ Spirit Guides:
What to do when you have "discovered" one dancing within the field of your soul:
Learn EVERYTHING about it, its live, its behaviour,
what plants or other animals it eats....who is its main predator....
learn EVERYTHING about that one and how it lives.... and who else is living there as well.....
That is how you get opened up and soon you know all about these, your Gate Keepers and the circle will widen and widen contain more and more animals the first ones share the habitat with.
You will also become an avid naturalist and expert on these animals.
And then among all of them one or 2 or even more will be special. Show up when you are in trouble, or very happy, or much in doubt and unsure about Self. That are the ones! Spirit Guides show up when we need guidance, they are the moderators of our soul so to speak -oh yes, sometimes they also give us Hell! They usually are not the "nice", touchy, feel good ones, (that is more a Gatekeeper thing,)but the ones that make you drop everything you are doing and pay attention! The ones you revere, that help you out of tight spots....

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